Welcome to the Harbourmaster and HQ

Please feel free to explore the wide variety of maritime products and services currently available on The Quayside. 



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Maintenance Programmes

Imardex Marine

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Advertising on The Quay

Advertising on The Quay

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Yacht and Boat Design

Macduff Ship Design

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Marine Services and Insurance

Yacht & Boat Deliveries Worldwide

Green Marine Technologies

Yachting & Marine Equipment

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Ports and Marinas

The Port of Ramsgate

The Port of Plymouth

Fowey Harbour

Falmouth Harbour

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Art on the Quay

Forest Gallery - Fine Art

David Napp - Artist

Marina Syntelis at The Papillon Gallery - Artist

Lyndy Rogan - Artist

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Marine Environment

The Great Nurdle Hunt

Marine Conservation Society

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Maritime Collections

Lander & May - Handmade Globes

Marine Chart Services - Antique Maps & Charts

Trinity Marine - Marine Antiques & Decor

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Boat Shows

Boat Shows Worldwide

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Navigation Systems

Oscar - Marine Navigation

Platinum Marine - Marine Electronics

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Fisherman's Quay

Coastal Nets

Padstow Boatyard

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Holidays Afloat

Star Clippers - Luxury Tall Ship Cruising

Le Boat - Canal Boat Holidays & Cruises

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Training Centre

Coming soon

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Boaters Chatroom

Summer 2022

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