Worldwide coverage for products and services

Below you'll find a list of both occupied, reserved and vacant 'Units' currently on The Quayside. To add your business to the Quayside, or to book banner advertising space, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


Unit TM01 - TheYachtMarket


Maintenance Programmes

Unit MP01 - Imardex Marine


Advertising on The Quay

Unit AQ01 - Advertising on The Quay


Yacht and Boat Design

Unit YD01 - Macduff Ship Design

Unit YD02- Reserved

Unit YD03 - Available


Marine Services 

Unit MS01 - Peters & May - Worldwide Yacht Deliveries

Unit MS02 - Green Mariner - Innovative Green Technologies

Unit MS03 - Clean Energy Living - High-end Lithium Batteries

Unit MS04 - Onward Marine - Fitting out your dream boat


Ports and Marinas

Unit PM01 - Port of Ramsgate

Unit PM02 - Falmouth Harbour

Unit PM03 - Fowey Harbour

Unit PM04 - Available


Art on the Quay

Unit AQ01 - Forest Gallery - Fine Art

Unit AQ02 - David Napp - Artist

Unit AQ03 - Marine Syntellis at The Papillon Gallery

Unit AQ04 - Arti by Lyndy Rogan


Marine Environment

Unit ME01 - The Great Nurdle Hunt

Unit ME02 - Marine Conservation Society

Unit ME03 - Available


Maritime Collections

Unit MC01 - Lander & May - Handmade Globes

Unit MC02 - Marine Chart Services - Antique Charts & Maps

Unit MC03 - Available


Boat Shows

Unit BS01 - Boat Shows Worldwide


Fisherman's Quay

Unit FQ01 - Coastal Nets

Unit FQ02 - Reserved

Unit FQ03 - Available

Unit FQ04 - Available


Holidays Afloat

Unit HA01 - Star Clippers - Luxury Tall Ship Cruising

Unit HA02 - Le Boat - Canal Boat Holidays

Unit HA03 - Available


Training Centre

Unit TC01 -

Unit TC02 - Reserved

Unit TC03 - Available


Boaters Chatroom

Unit BC01 - Available 2022